Prestige Internet Services has Planned, Developed and Published Web Sites for the Following Clients

DTEL Communications, Inc

To thrive in today’s fast-paced world, your organization must possess an effective infrastructure for voice, data, and video communications – in effect a complete technological solution, with one company as your provider. DTEL Communications, Inc. is  committed to a thorough review of the entire technological environment, suggesting only focused & required solutions, prompt and efficient delivery of our services, frequent open lines of communications, and un-matched customer service after the sale. DTEL can provide you with the caliber of connectivity professionals you require in today’s complex environment while ensuring service that is attentive and attractively priced.

The Web Address for DTEL Communications, Inc. is

Barnett and Associates - Turks and Caicos Islands

Barnett and Associates specializes in the creation of tax shelters and other offshore legal work and is based in Grand Turk, the capital of  the Turks and Caicos Islands. As Barrisers and Attorneys-at-Law, as well as copyright, patent, and trade mark agents, Barnett and Associates can provide a wide range of legal and/or support services, which include banking, companies, and trusts.

Prestige Services worked with legal documents, memos, and application forms provided by the client to develop a distinctive site suitable for a legal firm. We registered a new domain name with Network Solutions, established ISP hosting with ProHosting in Utah, transferred the domain name to the new ISP, and implemented the site, including e-mail forwarding to designated company contact. 

The web page address of Barnett and Associates is

Danielle's Garden - Jamaica

dg-logo.jpg (20952 bytes)Danielle's Garden is a Barnett family venture. The project is intended to accomplish two objectives. First, there is the desire to create a lasting thing of beauty in the Garden, as a small national treasure for Jamaica. Second, Danielle's Garden is intended to be a funding source for a school for the underprivileged in the immediate vicinity, namely the parishes of St. Mary and St. Ann in Jamaica. As the Garden is in close proximity to the tourist town of Ocho Rios, and not very far from the famous Dunns River Falls, there is much that can be accomplished by utilizing a tourist attraction, such as this, as a funding source in support of a school.

The Web Page Address for Danielle's Garden is

The American Association of Amateur Astronomers

Starting in August 1998, Prestige Internet Services created the web page of the American Association of Amateur Astronomers, to provide better service and access to AAAA members. This page continues to expand. We initially created all the pages using Symantec Visual Page Version 1.0. Over the course of development, we added a CGI script to process a Guestbook, and have created links to the AAAA online retailer, CCNow, so that they can accept credit cards on the Internet as payment for membership fees and services. 

In March 2000, we completely moved this site to a new ISP, and redesigned the entire site using MicroSoft FrontPage 2000. 

In August 1998, the AAAA page was getting about 100 hits per month, but now, due to publicity and links to many other sites on the Internet, as well as registering with the major search engines, the AAAA web page gets an average of 300 visits per day, for a total of more than 150,000 hits since August, 1998. Due to credit card processing and increased visibility and services, AAAA membership has grown from about 35 to over 350 in May 2000.

The web page address of
the American Association of Amateur Astronomers is

AstroMax - The AAAA Online Store

In the Fall of 1999, the American Association of Amateur Astronomers proposed a new online store, to be called AstroMax. The AAAA teamed up with Bushnell Sports Optics and the David Chandler Company to offer over the internet an Introductory Astronomy Kit, consisting of a pair of Bushnell binoculars and the Chandler First Light Astronomy Kit. Prestige Services developed this site for AAAA, and as a result of this promotion, AAAA also became the online retailer for David Chandler Company and its printed products. This site had generated gross sales of over $80,000 since its inception. 

The web page address of AstroMax - 
The AAAA Online Store is

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Adobe Creative Suite: Dreamweaver and Fireworks, Adobe Photo Shop, Paint Shop Pro, Quark Express, Microsoft Office: MS Publisher and MS Word, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Acrobat/PDF, Windows 10, HTML, CGI, MS-DOS

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